What We Do


As a business we look to develop products that exceed our customer’s aspirations in relation to quality, colour, finish and budget requirements.

Total flexibility in our offer is what makes us unique!

Weekly acquisitions of new products enable us to always make product offers of interest.

design office Our in house design team works alongside our mills and our customers to source the latest designs from accredited supply chains.  These are displayed in our custom designed showroom.
 A dedicated merchandising team works to support customer’s forward forecasts by ensuring stock support and service  are  maintained.  DSC_2122a copy
 unit 2  Working with our shipping partner we operate a modern purchase order management system to track all deliveries of products to our modern warehousing facility.

Filling of cushions, seat pads and bean bags is carried out  in our on-site manufacturing unit. This enables us to control the fibre processing and the resultant filled product consistency.


 Inspection Product quality is ensured by a committed team of quality professionals at our suppliers and in our extensive inspection facilities.
Same day picking of orders is achieved by a bespoke developed automated EDI order processing system. This sends electronic pick slips to scanners for picking and packing of customer’s products which are despatched the same day by nominated carriers.  IMG_0166

In short we manage the whole supply chain from the initial product concept through to supplying a high quality product to our customers.